About Us
  Our Vision  
To be the pioneer who provide information about “Best Job Opportunities” for community through Information Communication Technology.
  Our Mission  
Direct Human Resources Who are enriched with knowledge, skills and attitudes Needed for the labour market and country through Information Communication Technology.
Find “Sri Lanka Jobs” for unemployed people according to their qualifications.  
Meet efficient and effective employees for employers.  
Direct Human Resources for Training Opportunities needed for the labour market.  
Help government employees to find transferring opportunities to make them satisfied with their job.  
  What is Best Job Opportunities?  

“e-Society Development Programme” was initiated by Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksha (Present Honorable President) with Minister Tissa Witharana in 2005.This programme was implemented to initiate the projects developed by community through Information Technology. Upon that ensure all levels of the society use the benefits of Information Technology and empower them through IT.

This Community Assistance Project is established under “e-Society Development Programme” of  Information Communication Technology Agency (ICTA).

“Sri Lanka Jobs” Job Bank is directed by “e-Society Development Programme” and the “Best Job Opportunities” entered to a contract with Information Communication Technology Agency of Sri Lanka (The Client) as a Consultant in this project.